#1 Purchase Ticket and Departure Location:

  646 Main Street 

Dallas, Texas 75202 


Inside Access 

This JFK EXPERIENCE tour is all about the JFK assassination,  we take you back in time to relive a minute by minute journey of what happened on November 22nd , 1963. On this  tour you will enter Oswald's rooming house were you will get to ask questions and get answers from a once 11 year old girl that actually knew Lee Harvey Oswald. Pat Hall is now all grown up and owns the home left to her by her grand mother Gladys Johnson. 

  • School Book Depository 
  • X Marks the spot 3 rifle shot placement
  • ​Grassy Knoll
  • Lee Harvey Oswald's Rooming House 
  • Officer Tippit's Memorial (Step Out Location)
  • The Texas Theater 
  • Lee Harvey Oswald's Apartment 
  • Video Tribute to the Kennedy Family 

Our 1 hour JFK Experience tour will keep you on the edge of your seat , we take you back in time to that fatal day November 22nd, 1963. Our JFK Experience tour will show you the dark side of Oak Cliff Dallas the exact location of Oswald's home , Officer JD Tippit's murder scene , Jack Ruby's murder of Oswald and The legendary Texas Theater. Come relive and experience the  past with us as our Actor / Narrator will show you what really happened that day!!