Bike Rental

Biking is the best way to get around and experience the vibrancy of Dallas. Plan your adventure in the city with Dallas City Tour! We’ve got you covered – with a new fleet of bicycles and accessories, detailed bike maps and self-guided rides, attractive prices, and helpful and knowledgeable staff – we make it easy and fun! We purchase new bicycles every season to ensure your comfort and safety. All equipment is maintained in-house by a professional mechanic. Equipment offerings and pricing vary by the customer; please see the rental page for each city for more information. Our customer service staff can answer your questions about which type and size of the bike are best for your needs. We’re also happy to share some tips on good trails, scenic routes, the bridges that have bike lanes, and other cycling information – just ask! For all bike rentals, a helmet, map, lock, and handlebars are included in the rental price. For your safety, please wear a helmet when riding and obey the rules of the road at all times. Individuals 18 and under are required by law in most states to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, and we strongly recommend that all riders wear helmets. Wearing a properly fitted helmet reduces your risk of head injury by 85%.

We offer fun, easy and safe bike rentals in the downtown area. Learn about the history, see the sites, take lots of photos, and make new friends. Only daytime and bicycle rides for the whole family.

Bike Friendly North Dallas

Several on-street variable pathways and bike lanes are being planned for Dallas. Initially, the N- Trail, a north-south trail will be created on Boedeker Drive and St. Michaels Drive between Forest Lane and   Northwest Highway. This pathway will safely connect walking and bike riding residents to Northpark and Medical City. It will also provide access to the Northaven Trail and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s off-street trail system. The trail is a variable pathway, meaning it will have different design elements depending on the available space and anticipated usage. This includes dedicated bike lanes, sharrows (lanes marked for vehicles and bikes) and sidewalk or off-street portions.

Additional alignments include:

The C-Trail following Caruth Haven and Fisher from Northpark to White Rock Lake going east and following Northwest Parkway (inside the wall) going west to Preston Center.

The UP-Link following Boedeker and Airline south from Northpark to the Bush Library, SMU, and the Katy Trail.