#1 Purchase Ticket and Departure Location:

  646 Main Street 

Dallas, Texas 75202 


Inside Access 


night Tour  (call)

Limo Tour  $65


Cruizer Tour  $15

JFK & City COMBO Tour  $25

360 vIEWS OF OUR Booth: Dallas City Tour and JFK Tour = $25

Our bus tour team of dedicated professionals is committed to a quality in knowledge and presentation that is  unsurpassed in the Dallas area. At each stop, we offer stories from the past, interesting facts, funny and colorful  stories each with a view towards enhancing a person’s experience and enjoyment. We invite all those planning to  visit the Dallas area to take a look at some of our bus tour featured services, each a memorable experience on its  own, yet when combined with a total package, they can really contain a wonderful vacation experience!


Oswald's Room

JFK Video Footage 

Oswald's Backyard Pic

Step Out Locations 

At Dallas Texas Attraction Tours , we offer two tours for one price , get a 45 minute Dallas City Tour and a 45 minute JFK tour for only $25.00 . Our sightseeing tour bus takes you aboard  and shows you the great city of Dallas, TX when then take you back in time and let you relive the assassination of president John F Kennedy. 

Exclusive Inside Access : Oswald's Rooming House 

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